The Orkney islands are located off the northern tip of Scotland and consist of some 70 or so islands of which 21 are currently inhabited.

The main island of these isles is known as "Mainland" with Kirkwall being the capital and Stromness being the second largest town.

Orkney's rich archaeology is a popular reason for visiting Orkney with archaeological sites that date back over 5,000 years.  With empty unspoilt beaches, spectacular cliffs and an abundance of wildlife it is also a popular destination for walkers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Kirkwall has an excellent range of shops, restaurants, museums, visitor centres, as well as a library and a leisure centre.

Kirkwall town centre is only a 15 minute walk from Meadow Park Hoose.

Listed below are just a few of the places you might want to visit in Kirkwall and wider Orkney.  For more information on Orkney, places to see and things to do as well as a list of events check out the Visit Orkney Website.

Highland Park Distillery

Highland Park Distillery is the northernmost Scotch Whisky distillery in the world and is open for tours all year, check their website for details and times.

Pickaquoy Centre

The Pickaquoy Centre, about 5 minutes drive from Meadow Park Hoose, is Orkney's largest community and leisure centre hosting various events as well as providing all the normal facilities that one would expect at a leisure centre, such as fitness suites, swimming pool and various outdoor sports facilities.  The Pickaquoy Centre is also the home of the Phoenix Cinema. Visit the Pickaquoy Centre website for full details of their facilities and cinema/event listings.

Earls Palace, Kirkwall, Orkney
Earl's Palace, Kirkwall

St Magnus Cathedral

Britain's most northerly cathedral, St Magnus Cathedral was founded in 1137 by the Viking Earl Rognvald. Visible from Meadow Park Hoose the cathedral is in the heart of Kirkwall.  The cathedral also has a visitor centre with multi-lingual audio-visual presentations about the cathedral and its history.   Visit the St Magnus website for more information.

Earl's and Bishop's Palaces

Earl's Palace is directly opposite Bishop's Palace in Kirkwall, both are just along from St Magnus Cathedral.  The ruins of both these palaces make for interesting viewing of what once were splendid buildings dating back to the rule of the Stewart Earls. More information on both these palaces as well of much more of Orkney history can be found on the Orkneyjar website.

The Orkney Museum

The Orkney Museum, formerly Tankerness House is located in the centre of Kirkwall across the road from St Magnus Cathedral, it has exhibits from the Stone Age, Vikings and through to the present day. 

The Tourist Information Centre

There is a Tourist Information Office at the Kirkwall Travel Centre where you can find information and pick up leaflets on the many places to visitin Orkney. Of course the Travel Centre is also the place to go for public transport. You can get more information on the various public transport services be they by bus, taxi, ferry or plane from the Orkney Public Transport web site or download a PDF of the current Orkney Public Transport Guide

Orkney Wireless Museum

Located near the harbour in Kirkwall the Orkney Wireless Museum is home to a collection of domestic and defense wireless electronic equipment.  Radios of all size and types are to be seen here. Whet you interest by visiting their website.

Day Trip to one of the Outer Isles

Many of the outer isles can be visited in a day.  Orkney Ferries provide ferry transport to the outer isles or Loganair provide air transport to the outer isles.